My personal preference is canvas to display most of my images.  Other materials for display and mounting are available on a per piece basis. 

Each image is signed and numbered personally by me.

Each image comes with authentication and {anecdote where applicable}


All featured images may be purchased.

Price ranges from $450 to $3000. Call or email for more information as to pricing, presentation options, sizing and availability.

Questions may be emailed to:


Transform your personal photos into your own story art image.  Create a piece of art where you or yours are the story and the star.  Better than a memory.

Inquiries welcome by phone or email.

   I am a digital artist, primarily a painter.  I am the first digital artist to be juried into the Arizona Art Alliance, the Arizona Artists Guild, the Desert Artists, and the Sonoran Arts League.

Sometimes I use my photography to help create some of my images.  My art usually tells a story often twisting on the side of humor or a mood of the moment.  I paint, draw and construct my images using a computer. 

The computer is my canvas, my sketch pad and darkroom.  The computer houses the tools that I use to create my art.  My mind houses the imagination that allows me to create concepts, actions and movements that I usually accompany with an anecdote.  “Drops of Time” are what I call my works.  They are moments held in a suspension of intense color and impact.

Each Image created is an Original Limited Edition.  Publication sizes vary from 2 to 50.  Since this medium allows for more than one original it makes possible the opportunity to own original high quality art at a true value.

Drops of Time is located in Scottsdale, Arizona.